Sunday, May 27, 2007

Swap Info About Me

I thought I'd post some information about myself for swaps! It is always helpful to know a lot about the people you are swapping with. Helps spark creative ideas.

Favorite Colors: I love bright, bold colors.

Interests: I am an avid reader and I work in a library. I collect first edition/rare books and I especially love old children's books. I  love vintage Vera (Neumann/ladybug) and Marimekko scarves, clothing and linens. Anything with bright happy prints! If I had the figure and the budget, I would dress like this all the time. I also watch a LOT of movies. My home is filled with bright colors and my home is evolving into a country farmhouse look.  Love things with black cats on them! (or black and white cats) I also love aprons!!! I'm starting to collect them. I also like images of 1950's housewives and classic pin-up girls.  I get a lot of my inspiration from COUNTRY LIVING magazine. I have a young son who is the light of my life and I love making things for him.

Book interests: I read mostly modern literary fiction but I also enjoy the occasional mystery or non-fiction book.

Crafting interests: Lately, I have enjoyed sewing and working with paper crafts. I enjoy doing collages and painting a variety of wooden objects and also knitting on occasion.


Liz said...

Hi. I am a doll maker, mostly spirit dolls, fairies, witches and mermaids. I do also fabric art work, love to work with all kinds of textiles. I am always looking for interesting tid bits for my dolls, old broken jewelry, masks, hats, charms, trinkets, etc. Visit my website to see some of my work. I would love to swap materials with people, I have a wonderful fabric stash.

Malady said...

Hi Liz! Thanks for dropping by. I'll check out your site!

Cheryl said...

This is really helpful! Thanks, Amy! :)

Bren said...

That's a really good idea to post your favorite colors and things.
I will have to do that too.
I just assume people know what i like by checking out my blog but what if they check my blog on a day that I am crazy about tomatoes and I get all kind of tomato items when I really only like tomatoes for making salsa.
oh, how I go on..
But, it is a great idea.
I love vintage fabric esp. Chenille and barkcloth.
I hope you get some stuff you love in the Black Cat and Pumpkin Swap.

Come visit me, :) Bren

S. Summers said...

Hi there! What a great idea swapping info about yourself. I may do that on my biz blog to make it more personal. Your interest in Mexican folk art got my attention. I am an avid collector and also sell it on my site at
I love your blog!

KG Style said...

Following your blog!
I am an interior designer/event planner - closeted pink lover, marketing director for a Branding business.

Mother of two - stepmom of 2 - and wife of 1 and loving every minute!