Thursday, April 30, 2009

Make My Heart Smile Award

Those of you who are regular readers know that I secretly LOVE getting blog awards. They make me feel so special! So I was tickled pink when the very dear and wonderful Michelle Hippie Dog gave me this little award. Thank you Michelle! You made my day!

So, I am passing on this award to the following people who always show me great generosity and kindess in the blogging world:

1. Hippie Dog--I know you already got the award but I'm giving it to you again!!!

2. Mary Isabella

3. Amy Powers

4. Karen/Bluemuf

5. Beth Holcombe

6. Miss Purl

7. Alison Gibbs

8. Gary

9. Jennifer Paganelli

10. Miss Kim of Castro Valley (Kim doesn't have a blog yet but I just know she'll create one soon!!!)

I hope you'll post this button proudly on your blog in recognition of how wonderful you all are!!!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Embellished Clothespin Tutorial

Those of you who regularly read this little blog know that I love a good tutorial. This one couldn't be easier and it's so practical!!! I found this little gem over at Pin and Paper and thought they would make great little gifts or favors as well as useful things to have around the house.

Find the tutorial here.

(Photo borrowed from and owned by Pin and Paper)

Cutest Chick

The little town I live in has a wonderful parade every year called the Butter and Egg Days Parade. This year, the parade drew a crowd of 30,000!!! As part of the festivities, they always have a Cutest Little Chick contest. I dressed Noodlebug up and had him compete. Although he didn't win, I still think he was the cutest!!!

Monday, April 27, 2009

I'm a Lucky Duck!!!

Look what I won!

The ever-fabulous Elizabeth Holcombe was hosting a Bayberry Cove giveaway and I won! How exciting!!

Go check out Beth's fabulous blog. She just posted some new bags in her Etsy shop that are just darling!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Brownie Peanut Butter Cups

Ladies--When I saw this photo, I almost passed out. There are few things I love more than the combination of chocolate and peanut butter. (except maybe macaroni and cheese) Found these little gems on Bake or Break. Now, how quickly can I get to the grocery store and bake these goodies? And how many Weight Watchers points will it cost me?

(photo borrowed from and owned by Bake or Break)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Rubber Duckies for Noodlebug

Well, I am three weeks away from Noodlebug's first birthday. When I was pregnant, I saw a rubber duckie themed baby shower featured on Hostess with the Mostess. (see it here) I thought it was such a fun idea and I've carried it around in my head for over a year. I have decided that our little first birthday party for Noodlebug will have a rubber duckie theme. You have already seen the wonderful duckie cupcakes the Cheryl made for me here. I am thinking of getting a small kiddie pool and filling it with water and rubber duckies and maybe the duckie bathtub above for holding ice and beverages. If you have any idea or resources for me, let me know! I love picking your creative brains!!!

Monday, April 20, 2009


I am a little late in sharing this with you but I still wanted to post it. My mother brought over a special Easter decoration for me. When I opened the box, I found the bunnies that were always put up at my Grandmother's house at Easter. I have no idea how old they are but I am guessing they were bought in the 1940's or 1950's. We still have the original box.

My grandmother wrote on the box: "Easter Bunnies and Chickens--Very precious to me because they were what my little girl enjoyed and now our precious little granddaughter Amy."

I remember those bunnies from my childhood and now they will be a part of Baby's childhood too!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Help Me With a Birthday Surprise!!!

My little Noodlebug turns 1 year old on May 18. The last year has been the most difficult, crazy and wonderful of my entire life. I have been so nurtured by reading all of the blogs that you see in my sidebar during that time. There are so many inspiring creative people on the internet that give me wonderful ideas and keep me crafting. So, I need to ask you a favor. If you are so inclined, I would love to have you decorate a tag and send it to me for Noodle's birthday. I would love to get a collection of tags that I can put into an album for him to commemorate his first year of life.

If you would like to participate, send me an e-mail (see sidebar). Every participant will get a small thank-you gift from me. Recently, I found a box of vintage/antique books with fantastic illustrations in my mother's storage unit. I'm thinking about sending these out as rewards. We'll see.

No Silver Bells

Well, I am on the road to recovery. I was so looking forward to Easter and it was very disappointing that Baby and I both came down with the stomach flu. Luckily, I had it much worse than Baby and my husband did not get sick. It was pretty awful, though. Thank you for your well wishes. They are obviously working!!!

For the last few years, I have pined away for Silver Bella. I have wanted to go so badly!!! I promised myself that this year I would definitely be going. However, it just isn't in the cards financially. So, I will have to live vicariously through the Bellas and their blogs. And perhaps some of the Joli Paquet gang will grace us with some kits.

So, to bounce back from my illness and the bummer of not being able to go to Silver Bella, I am focusing on upcoming happy events:

1) Mother's Day (my very first one!!!)

2) May 18 (Baby's first birthday)

3) May 25 (my birthday)

May will be a busy month!!! Better get busy.

Hope you all had a lovely Easter with many many blessings.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Ick

The Easter Bunny brought Baby and me the stomach flu.

Be back later...

Friday, April 10, 2009

Happy Easter! - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more

Hope you all have a wonderful Easter! I'll be back with Easter photos next week!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Birthday Planning!

Baby's birthday is right around the corner! Time to start planning on a small get-together. I'm thinking of doing a rubber-ducky theme. I asked Cheryl to make me a few of these darling cupcakes to give away as favors. This is a photo of one she made for her daughter when she gave birth to Cheryl's grandchild. I just want to have a small intimate get-together. I'm hoping for nice weather so we can have a backyard party with a kiddie pool filled with rubber duckies!

I hope you are all having a nice April. I'm so looking forward to Easter on Sunday. Baby's Easter basket is already full and his outfit is ready to go. Now we just need some sunshine!!!

(photo borrowed from and owned by Cheryl Comfort of Artsy-Fartsy)

P.S. Thank you to the three people who have signed up to help with Baby's tag gift so guys are awesome!!!