Thursday, December 2, 2010

Can You Help Me Find My Christmas Spirit?

I am in a Holiday funk. 

The tree is up as are most of the decorations and Noodlebug is loving it. I connected the tree lights to a foot button on/off switch and the first thing Noodle does in the morning is to run and push the button to turn on the tree lights. 

I have all the materials for my handmade gifts but I can't muster the energy or enthusiasm to make anything.  As soon as Noodlebug goes to bed, I tell myself I'm going to get out the sewing machine but then I just end up sitting on the couch watching the REAL HOUSEWIVES. (I'm not proud of that but, for some strange reason, watching those shows makes me feel better about my life) 

I am having a lot of conflict within my family right now and that, coupled with the fact that we lose unemployment in a month if Congress doesn't do something drastic, is really bringing me down. The only thing I want for Christmas is a job for my husband that will enable us to stay in our rental home and cover our bills.

This Sunday, my family is traveling to Sacramento to do this:

Maybe it will give me the holiday boost that I need.  I hope so.


Nikella said...

I hope things will get better soon. It is hard to get in the Christmas mood if you have worries like that. I am keeping my fingers crossed for you!

blue corduroy said...

Our family has been hit hard too in the work area the last couple of years. something is coming your way, i just know it!!

keep your priorities straight, and always, ALWAYS, repeat to yourself ALL the things you are thankful for. even down to the littlest things (i.e. warm water, a car, birds singing)

you're in my prayers!! -emily