Wednesday, January 1, 2014

My Word for 2014

Happy New Year!
My Christmas break was difficult.  I look forward to this time with my family every year and I had hoped Noodlebug and I could do all the fun things that we never get to do while I am at work.  It was not to be.

Noodlebug's stomach flu appeared on the way home from Christmas Eve services. Instead of excitedly waiting for Santa's arrival, my poor guy spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day throwing up. As he slowly began to mend, my mother fell ill.  I checked on her regularly as I juggled a sick child and out-of-town guests. On Saturday morning, she didn't answer the phone and I found her on the floor with a high fever. They admitted her with pneumonia, heart episodes and a fractured shoulder. While heading back and forth to the hospital, my husband and son BOTH fell ill again. I am trying desperately to hold down the fort.  Thank goodness I am still well!  I keep playing Elton John's "I'm Still Standing" for inspiration.

2013 was a hard year and it went out with the worst kind of bang.  I am hopeful for 2014.  There is  a lot I would like to accomplish including taking Noodlebug to Disneyland for the first time for his birthday. We have saved half the money so far! 

I signed up for Life Book again even though I didn't make it far last year.  I still love it. I also signed up for the new Brave Girls Club course called THE WALK.  I'm hoping these classes will focus me on making time to be creative.

My word for 2014 is "thrive."  I am hoping to thrive in all areas of my life.  Most importantly, in the areas of health and finance. 

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I hope this new year brings you all every kind of happiness!!!


Heidi said...

Hi!!!!!!!!!! So sorry your year ending yuky! May you be blessed and recover in 2014! Hugs, Heidi

Shelly said...

Sending you positive, happy thoughts for the new year. 2013 was a toughie, but I have a feeling that 2014 will be kind. Hope everyone has recovered, including you! HUGS!