Monday, January 2, 2017

2017 Word of the Year

In 2011, I chose "remember."
In 2012, I chose "breathe."
In 2013, I chose "believe."
In 2014, I chose "thrive."
In 2015, I did not choose a word. I looked at the new year with fear and loathing.
In 2016, my words were "simplify" and "happiness."

For 2017, I have chosen the word "strength."

The end of 2016 was tough. It was hard to find motivation to do anything and I often became idle with despair. At the end of September, I started a new exercise program with Kaia Fit. I am tired of being overweight and weak. Slowly.....slowly.....slowly I am getting stronger. I want to be strong of body and heart in 2017. I want to stand strong in my convictions and my relationships and I want to find the strength to stand up to injustice wherever I find it and to be strong when others need me.

Here is hoping I find strength in all different forms in 2017.


Heidi said...

My the strength you desire come from the Lord! May you be blessed-happy in 2017, and find the motivation to accomplish that which you desire! Hugs from an old blogging pal, Heidi

Amy Malaise said...

Heidi! I think of you every time I walk into my house. The sign you made me sits by our front door! Much love to you!!!