Thursday, May 8, 2008

The Reign of Ellen hits Etsy!

I have a very gifted friend named Ellen who is a talented artist/cartoonist. She has FINALLY opened an etsy store. I have been waiting to post about it until she got a few more things in her shop. Like many talented/creative people, she isn't so good with the business side of her enterprise so things are very SSSLLLLOOOWWW to trickle into her shop.

Ellen has some very special adoption-oriented items and will be putting many more lovelies in her shop soon. The item above is from her shop and can be personalized. She has a truly whimsical touch.

Find her store here.

When I got married in July 2006, Ellen created a children's book about it called "Malady Gets Married." (my nickname is Malady) See an illustration from the book below:

Isn't she great?!!!

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teristoddard said...

I love Ellen. She drew me as the queen of equality. Great to hear of the shop.

Best wishes!