Thursday, February 5, 2009

Crafting in Progress

Hello Friends!

I have been spending the last few nights making some VERY SIMPLE valentines for Baby to send friends and family. I am also working on making a little gift for my buddy Gary whose birthday is right around the corner.

I ordered this month's Jenni Bowlin kit and I'm looking forward to doing it! I love her kits because they have pretty much everything you need and they are quick projects to do.

I have also subscribed to Teresa's e-zine and I am gathering items for the first project.

Busy busy....I'll post photos soon!

(The above photo is borrowed from Chas Batte Studio....this lovely Prince Charming is for sale on eBay right now...Isn't he wonderful?)


Gary said...

Those figures Charles makes are just amazing. They are definitely unique.

I'm so looking forward to seeing what you're working on! The scarf you made for me a few years ago is one of my all-time favorite gifts (and very warm in the winter). And my "King of the Mountain" crown still makes me laugh.

Anonymous said...

Hi Amy! I'm excited to see your new little projects :) Can't wait to make a few Valentine's with Jake....he's such a smoochie smooch :) Happy Weekend! xo