Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Squares One and Two

I have decided to do 35 squares in Amy Powers' 39 Square stitchalong.  (in honor of my impending 35th birthday)

My theme is Spring.

Here is my first square:

One French knot is more pronounced than the other so my bunny looks a little wild-eyed.

Here is Square Two:

Considering the fact that I have never ever embroidered before, I think I'm doing okay.


HippieDog said...

So adorable :) Love them!

Anonymous said...

Love the bunny! Your stitches are great! Don't worry about the french knots, I have just accepted the fact mine will never be the same size! :)

janimal said...

What a great theme! Doesn't look like you haven't done this before to me - I guess you are a natural!

amy said...

You're doing such a great job...so cute! And I love your theme...Spring is my favorite season.

Hugs for Doodle...


Gary said...

These are awesome! They're so cute that I want to pinch your cheek.

Amy said...

You are all very sweet. It's a first attempt and a learning experience but it is fun to be creative on a small scale!


barbara burkard said...

how adorable!!! lovely job!
happy to be joining in on this stitching journey!