Friday, August 20, 2010

Crafting Your Best Life

Crafting My Best Life at the Creative Lab

I really wish I could attend one of Kim's wonderful events.  I really really really wish I could finally attend one of Teresa McFayden's Silver Bella events. Or maybe even the big Creative Connection event. But, alas, there is no budget for such wonderful creative retreats.  I feel like I need an organized group creative outlet, though. So I treated myself to an online class through Jenny Doh's Crescendoh Creative Lab.

The course is called Crafting Your Best Life and it sounds both creative and introspective which is a good choice for me right now.  The class starts on September 13 so there is still time if you want to play along.

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Alison said...

Hi Amy I have been considering signing up for that too. It sounds like a fun course, my only thing would be the time difference here in Australia for the LIVE mid-term chat session with Jenny and other class participants. I feel like you that I really need to do something thats organised and then I will get that creative feeling again.
May 'see you in class' LOL