Monday, August 9, 2010

How My Life Would Be Better With a Serger

Sew Mama Sew is hosting a serger giveaway and I have to give it a shot!!!

(photo borrowed from and owned by SEW MAMA SEW)

Many of you know that I have recently become passionate about sewing.  There is just something so satisfying about creating homemade items on your sewing machine.  I especially love making handmade items and clothing for Noodlebug.  I have discovered when making clothes and knit items that simply using a zig-zag stitch for finishing does not give one the same effect that a serger would.  I'm so tired of seeing unpleasant looking raw edges and it would certainly help with hemming and generally piecing fabric together.  A serger would also be great for adding embellishments to my projects.  As my sewing skills improve, I would love to be able to take my projects to the next level with a serger so they don't look so unfinished and amateur-ish.  Since it is a luxury item, it would really make my day to win one!!!

I cannot have Noodlebug wandering around in homemade clothes with unfinished edges!! What would the other (crafty) moms say?  I can hear it now....."Poor Noodlebug's mom.  She works full-time and doesn't even have the time or resources to properly finish her child's clothing. Tsk tsk."

Members of the SEW MAMA SEW Editorial Board!  Please don't let me be the subject of such talk and speculation!!!


Sharina said...

New follower from MBC, hope you stop by and visit me soon :)


Man, I really do wish I knew how to sew. I always had the ideas, just not the equipment to do it with, lol, hope you get to win one!!!

Jenny said...

Hey there! Did you finish the Anda dress? I want to see it when you're done.

I got this serger and I think I got a lemon, I had to return it. The $$ got "reallocated" and I never got a replacement. I want one too!!!

Kristina said...

Hi there! Thanks for stopping by my blog via MBC. I'm following you, please follow back!

Britney said...


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Thanks, Tracey
(a.k.a Britney/ author)

Cassiopeia said...

What a great entry for the serger! Funny!

I have a serger and haven't used it for awhile. you've inspired me to bring it out again for some projects for our new house.