Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Inspired Ideas Returns!!!

So many wonderful things happening this week!

When Amy Powers used to do her online magazine called INSPIRED IDEAS, I became....well....inspired to start working on a creative journal. Amy introduced wonderful techniques and ideas to that challenged me to try new things.  And all it took was a download or two and some paper.  I was bummed when she discontinued her 'zine (although it was because of some very happy things going on in her life).

Well, INSPIRED IDEAS returns today!!!

Guess where I will be at 3pm EST today?

(photo borrowed from and owned by Amy Powers)

*UPDATE* There are so many wonderful ideas in this issue that I can't decide what to do first! My favorites:  a cigar box stage, a Halloween embroidery sampler, learning how to add color to embroidery, making rick-rack flowers and creating an ABC learning toy out of wooden spools.  I think the ABC learning toy will be my homemade Christmas gift for Noodlebug this year!

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