Monday, April 18, 2011

Day 3-- 9 Days of Easter Swap

I was Day 3.  My camera is missing so I am borrowing these photos from Michelle.

Noodlebug helped me stamp all the tags:

My friend Monique inspired me with a daffodil project.  I made these little daffodil shaped drawstring bags that would be perfect for keeping jewelry or small notions in.

Thanks for posting the photos, Michelle!

I am also finally up to date on my reading of SIMPLE ABUNDANCE. I am really really enjoying this daily inspirational journal. It has gotten me thinking about my personal style.  One of the exercises in the book is to start pulling out photos of things that speak to you. I just saw this cake in the latest Williams-Sonoma catalog and realized that it is the perfect cake for me. Not only is it chocolate but it looks like a pot of pansies!!!  Except for the price tag, this would be the perfect birthday cake for me.  (and my birthday is only a month away!) 

(photo borrowed from and owned by WilliamsSonoma)


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Auntie Bliss said...

That is one incredible cake! Eating it might have a little more guilt involved than normal!