Wednesday, October 16, 2013

CITRUS LANE Review: October 2013 5-Yr-Old Gender Neutral

We have been subscribing to Citrus Lane for a few months now and I have really been enjoying the boxes.  This is a subscription service for kids 0-5.  It has given me the chance to discover new products that I wouldn't have known about otherwise.

We changed our subscription from "Boy" to "Gender Neutral" this month.  Here is what is in the October box:

The first item in the box was a blue/green "Dreamz to Go Octo" from Cloud B. (makers of the Dream Turtle)  This is very cute and my son was charmed by it.  It projects stars and fish on the walls and can light up in either a blue or green color. It automatically turns off after 45 minutes. While I love the nightlight idea, my son has never used a nightlight and this seems a little young for him. Still, I doubt he will give it up . Retail price: $19.95

The second item was some BOPS organic chips. I love finding new organic snack options so I am looking forward to trying this one.  Retail price:  about 75 cents

The third item was a harmonica from HOHNER KIDS.  This is a really nice harmonica. Much nicer than the cheap one I bought at Pier One awhile ago.  The sound is really nice.  Retail Price: about $10.00

The fourth item was a copy of LADYBUG magazine. I love kid magazines like these.  This one is especially for ages 3-6.  A print subscription would be 9 issues for $33.95 or about $3.75 per issue.  It also came with a coupon code for three free digital issues.  A value of about $6.

Retail value of the box:  $40.45

This wasn't my favorite box.  Probably my favorite item is the harmonica.  The nightlight is adorable but felt a little young for my child.  The magazine is nice but we don't have a digital reader so we won't be using the free digital issues. Still, it is always fun to get a box.  Can't wait to see what November brings!!!

If you would like to order your own subscription, follow this link for $10 off!


Anonymous said...

We just got this box too! My daughter is 4 and was very excited about the night light, she immediately built a fort and stuck it right in the middle! She is also a bit old for it so I was thrilled when she found a perfect use for her taste! The chips are....ahem..disgusting . The magazine is great also....but the crowning jewel of the box has got to be the harmonica...well constructed and lots of joyful noise!!

Amy Malaise said...

Haven't tried the chips yet but thanks for the warning!!! Isn't the harmonica great? I was really impressed by the quality. And I'm glad we switched to "gender neutral." Can't wait to see next month's box!!!

Anonymous said...

This was our first box ever...finally decided to take the plunge with the TAKEHALF deal and was pleasantly surprised. I have three daughters one of which is over the age range for the boxes...I have an 8 months old and a 2.5 year old and figured I'd switch off every so often between the 2 little ones. Started with my 2 year old since we are having a dreadful time potty training and figured the little gifts would be a great potty prize. She received the nightlight (we love Cloud B products so I was very excited about it), the magazine w digital issues, chips and instead of the harmonica we got a really cute doggie slider whistle from hohner which I know she will adore! She is currently sitting on her potty...hopefully she will enjoy her first prize :) can't wait for next month!

Amy Malaise said...

We have subscribed for several months and I have to say this was my least favorite box. And it was actually pretty good!!! Potty training is tough! My son isn't allowed to use technology and only gets 30 minutes of tv a day. So, when we were potty training, we allowed him to use a VReader that his uncle gave him. ONLY when using the potty! It really relaxed him and was a good incentive for using the potty. We always joke that the VReader potty-trained our son!!!