Thursday, December 5, 2013

Taking Time for Creativity

This is such a busy time of year.  I feel lucky that I managed to finish Noodlebug's Advent calendar. Since I sell Barefoot Books in addition to my regular job, my weekends get pretty full.

(P.S. Barefoot is having a pretty spectacular flash sale right now!  See details on my Barefoot blog.)

I decided that Noodle and I needed to go do something special together.  We are lucky to have the Charles Schulz Museum in our own backyard.  When I saw that they were hosting a class called "How to Draw with You Child" aimed at younger children, I jumped at the chance to take it.

So, on Black Friday, we spent the day in a class with Joe Wos learning how to be creative together.  He taught us that if we know the alphabet, we can use letters to make all kinds of pictures. 

(a little disappointing to watch the dad in the background completely focused on his phone.)

Noodle thought that Joe's story about how the tortoise got his cracks was pretty hilarious.

We left the class with lots and lots of pictures and even a few made by Joe himself.  Noodle was especially amazed by how Joe used the letter's of my son's name to make a picture of a tiger. It is now hanging in my son's room.

Here is an example of a picture we drew using letters.  Noodle's picture is on the left and mine is on the right. Pretty good for a 5-yr-old!

It was a really special time together and much much better than running around wasting money on things we don't need. I hope we can find more classes like this to do together!

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