Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Subscription Box Roundup

Regular readers know that I have been a fan of subscription boxes for awhile. I have tried quite a few with mixed results.


1. Lullubee Craft Kit--

This subscription service offers crafts kits in both a general format and a needle-felting specific format.  I absolutely loved the regular format.  I learned some new techniques and got to try some new tools.  My favorite was the needle-felted gnomes that I did. I only gave it up because of the expense. Lots of fun for $32/month.

2. For the Makers--

Another favorite crafty kit that offers projects inspired by design powerhouses such as Anthropologie.  Includes everything you need for each project.  I made some great jewelry with these kits but found it hard to keep up every month.  There monthly subscriptions are $29/month.  This box was my favorite.


1. Kiwi Crate--

We are long-time subscribers to Kiwi Crate.  It is such a quality subscription.  As a busy mom, I appreciate that it has everything we need for each craft and activity. I stockpiled a few over the last few months so that we could pull them out over the Summer as needed.  You can see my son building a robot from one of the crates here.  We love this service so much that I am an affiliate!  Subscriptions are $19.95 per month plus shipping.

2. Citrus Lane--

We were members of Citrus Lane for a year before my son aged out. This subscription service is perfect for families with kids 0-4.  (The service goes through age 5 but I found that the items included in the 5-yr-old box skewed very young.) They partner with really great companies like Barefoot Books and Green Toys and include some really great quality items. It was like Christmas every month for my son!  See one of our boxes here.  A regular subscription is $29 per month.

3. Appleseed Lane--

As we started to outgrow Citrus Lane, I looked for another box to supplement our Kiwi Crate subscription.  I loved the fact that Appleseed Lane was a similar model but with a focus on sicence and engineering. The box is geared towards ages 4-8. The monthly subscription is $23/month. If you decide to join, please tell them I referred you!  (Amy Malaise)  Noodlebug especially enjoyed a recent box we got that was all about magnets.  It really started to click for him after we went through all the activities.


1. Wantable--

I give this one high marks for customer service!  They are so easy to work with!  I subscribed to the Intimates box although they also currently offer beauty and accessories.  It felt like a nice way to spoil myself and I loved the large range of sizes they offer.  They actually had PLUS SIZES unlike boxes like Stitch Fix. I received lounge pants, panties, socks and other goodies for $36 per month or a one-time purchase for $40.

2. Quarterly

This is a fairly new subscription service and I absolutely love it!  They offer a bunch of different curators and boxes ship out every couple of months rather than on a monthly basis.  I started with the Nina Garcia box.  It is pricey at $100 but you only pay that every three months.  The first box I got was really great! The new one ships out in a few weeks and I will post a review!  I also subscribed to the Bekka Palmer box and the Rachel Yeomans box which should both be shipping out in the next two months. I'll let you know if I like them. Both of those boxes are $50 each.  Some of the items in the boxes cannot be purchased anywhere else.

3.PopSugar Must Have

After reading a bunch of positive reviews, I decided to add PopSugar's Must Have box to my list of subscriptions. I love how PopSugar has a nice blend of products of each box from food to fitness to fashion.  You get an excellent variety of items for $39.95 per month which includes free shipping.  It feels like the perfect way to spoil myself each month!  I stalk message boards for spoilers every month because I can't wait to see what I will get!

I will be posting more box reviews as they come in so keep checking back for more sneak peeks and information on my favorite subscription services!

(P.S. I also used to subscribe to FANCY and do not recommend it. The customer service isn't great and the products are disappointing in terms of value. Also, they included an item with a curse word on it in my box and I was not pleased.)

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