Monday, April 27, 2015

ART IS YOU Petaluma 2015

It's that time again!!!  The amazing ART IS YOU Mixed Media Retreat on the West Coast!  I only got to take one class this time but it was terrific!

This year, I took a class called "Resin Heaven" with Jen Crossley.  Jen was a wonderful and patient teacher with a great sense of humor.

Here are some examples of Jen's work that we were attempting to recreate:

First, she taught us how to make our own molds using Pinkysil and rubber stamps.  These molds can then be filled with ICE resin to make the centerpiece of the pendant.  Since we didn't have time to wait for the resin to dry, Jen handed out a few ready-made pieces to complete our projects.

This was really working out of my comfort zone as I had never worked with molds or ICE resin before.  I'm not too great at wirework either!

I kept at it and, with some help from Jen, managed to finish my piece!

It is hard to see but my resin image says "Sixpence."  Don't look to closely at my wire-wrapping!

A really fun class and I learned a lot!

The West Coast ART IS YOU will be back next year in Santa Rosa!  The event will be in mid-April so start planning now!  Get all the details here.

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