Friday, June 22, 2007

How Lucky Am I?!

I opened the front door and found my Bits 'n' Pieces Collage package from Sallie!

I have already seen the collages on other people's blogs and I have to say that the one Sallie made me is by far the best! I love it so much! It even has a little bird on top! And she packaged it so nicely and included some Chiclets and an "A" shaped notepad. Sallie---You really spoiled me! Thank you so much!!!!


Katie Jean said...

How cool! I love the collage!

Dolly said...

Amy you lucky girl!
Love the collage!!!!

How fun!!
Dolly~From my CHERRY heart!

Sparky said...

Amy, I'm so glad you like it!!! I really tried to gear it towards you, and include some of your interests. I enjoyed making to so very much! Glad it arrived safely. Excited to see yours, too! Sallie

Heidi ( said...

I'm so proud of my sister's collage she made for you! I know how much she enjoyed creating it, with your interests in mind! The collage is charming! I'm glad you liked it!

Lucy said...

I love the collage-I haven't ever done one with the grids but I love the idea. Lucky girl--and great job Sallie :)