Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Swap Fever

Yes, it's true. I have swap fever.

I just finished my ParTea Swap package for Dolly and mailed that off.

Next up, a tiara for the fabulous Justiss over at Girl Hysterical for Holly Doodle Designs Tiara Swap. Then, I'll be creating a collage for Sallie at Sparks in Life's Engine for Everyday is a Holiday's Bits and Pieces Swap.

Finally, I'll be putting together a summer/yellow/red/thrifty/crafty bucket of goodies for my soon-to-be-discovered partner in the latest Sweet Goodness swap. This bucket swap is open until Friday if you want to sign up.

My mailbox should be filling up soon!

Life is good.


Heidi (http://journals.aol.com/hwoodred/everyday-cookies/) said...

1Hi Amy!
So that's what I have, "Swap Fever"! I'm your "bits & pieces" swap partner, Sallie's, sister! Did you get all that? Your blog is very crafty, and now I get to go snoop around here a bit! Good luck with all your swaps!

Sparky said...

Hi Amy!!! I'm really looking forward to swapping "Bits & Pieces" Collages with you! I love your ParTea swap items, gorgeous! I'm working on yours!!! Sallie

Malady said...

Hi Sallie!!! You can see with the ParTea swap that I was heavily influenced by Mary Engelbreit! I hope my partner likes the stuff I made her. And I hope you will like your collage!

Renee said...

Seems like swap fever is going around, I too am up to my eyeballs in them, I just love them!

Purl said...

Swapping is so addictive. Even though I'm super busy this summer, I couldn't resist participating in a few swaps. By the way, my apologetic book swap partner has sent a package that's supposed to get here around the 20th.

Malady said...

Purl--I am so glad. I was really frustrated about that. I know Vieve contacted your partner but I hadn't heard the outcome. It's terrible when a swap partner lets you down! (or doesn't even bother to tell you they received your package much less thank you for it)