Monday, March 3, 2008

Spring Fever

Hello my friends!

It's a beautiful day today in Northern California and I am wishing that I was not stuck at my desk at work.

I spent the weekend trying to choose a paint color for Baby's room. It is tough! There are so many to choose from and they look completely different on the wall than they do on the paint chips. I think we have narrowed it down. I really want a creamy pale yellow and there seem to be lots of different shades out there.

I also need to get out to the garage and find my Easter decorations. My mom's birthday is right around Easter and she'll be visiting so I want the house to look festive. I better get busy because I'm running out of time!

Hope you all have a beautiful day!


Mary Isabella said...

Easter will be hopping in soon....Smiles

HippieDog said...

Good luck with the paint color in the babies room :) How fun for you! Do you by chance have something special for his room that has the color of yellow you are looking for? I hear they can match the paint exact---so that may help a bit.....maybe hold a quilt, stuffed baby or outfit up to the wall to get the color in mind. Hope that helps :)xo