Monday, August 10, 2009


Busy weekend! My hubby is gone this week camping in the Grand Tetons with his buddies so I am a single mom this week. Luckily, Grandma is here to help!

Some of you may be familiar with Athleta. It is a women's athletic apparel catalog that is owned by the Gap. Athleta happens to be based in my little town and they have an incredible warehouse sale every year. I have been the last couple of years and it can be a truly overwhelming experience. Women run through the doors as they open and start grabbing everything in sight. Clothes are flying and women are stripping down right in the aisles to try things on. Not for the faint of heart!!! I have gotten incredible deals, though. This year, I was lucky enough to be hired to work the sale. I got to shop before the general public and got a (temporary) generous Gap discount. Noodlebug is now all stocked up on Fall clothing!

I was given the Friday morning shift which is when the sale opens to the public. Women started lining up at 5am. (the sale opened at 9am) I worked the checkout area. It was truly a sight to see as the doors opened and 1400 women ran into the building. I have never been happier that I got to shop the sale early!!!

I tend to get overwhelmed at these sales so I didn't do a very good job shopping. Still, I walked away with three pairs of shoes, two sweaters and a winter coat. I looked up the shoes and they are all currently selling at places like REI for $100 each. I got them for $20. Score!

Now, I have to settle into my week and get my Favorite Things Swap package mailed off. And I think it's time for a new knitting project. After all, the holidays are right around the corner!


Nikella said...

I love, love, love a great sale. And this sounds like you really made out! :)

Amy said...

I love sample/warehouse sales but I don't always handle the crowds well. This one was fun, though! Especially seeing women strip down to their underwear in the middle of the store. Quite a sight to see!!!

Alison Gibbs said...

Sounds like a great sale