Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Repurpose a Drop-Side Crib

We have two drop-side cribs. One at our house and one at Grandma's house. They are BEAUTIFUL cribs and Noodlebug is still using them. I had hoped to sell them once we are done with them but now it appears you can no longer resell drop-side cribs. Someone told me I would have to just take them to the dump because we can't even give them away.  Well, I'm not going to do that.  First of all, I may save one...just in case.   (wink)

But I have been seeing some other ideas about how to salvage old cribs.  I love this idea from Notes From a Very Red Kitchen:

(image borrowed from and owned by Notes from a Very Red Kitchen)

Isn't this brilliant?  Take the two sides and turn them into a chalkboard!!! I love it!!!  Find the complete tutorial here.  We can't do this with our crib because the headboard and footboard have open slats. Still, it's a great idea.

I also saw in a magazine recently how someone had taken the sides of the crib with the slats and leaned them against the wall in the bathroom to create a towel rack.  If I can find the photo, I will post it.

Another idea I had was to take a side of the crib into the garden to use it as a trellis. 

Do you have any ideas about how to repurpose a drop-side crib?


Heidi said...

wow, that chalkboard stand is darling....wish I could make one! But for your, with open slats...hum, can you make a bench? Or, maybe just SAVE it...you never know...

cribs for twins said...

great job, love your chalkboard!