Monday, March 28, 2011

A Wet Spring Break and Some Life Thoughts

The best laid plans of mice and men...

I couldn't wait for Spring Break to come.  Even though I was furloughed last week without pay, it gave me the chance to pretend being a stay-at-home mom for a week. (Noodlebug's preschool was closed for Spring Break)  I had BIG plans!  We were going to have a fabulous Staycation exploring the different museums and cultural attractions in our neck of the woods. The week started off with Noodlebug coming down with a stomach flu. Then, it rained. And rained. And rained. In fact, TODAY (my first day back to work) is the first non-rainy day we have had in weeks. 

So, no outdoor discovery museum. No outdoor Fairyland. No Zoo.  Boo hoo.

I started on several different crafty projects but finished none of them.  I'll share the final products when I actually finish.  It wasn't the most productive week and I didn't get much done but I still had a good time with Noodlebug. I can't believe the week flew by!

Now, I have to start planning for his 3rd birthday party in May. We will be doing a western theme so I'm starting to gather ideas.

My friend Kim gave me Sarah Ban Breathnach's SIMPLE ABUNDANCE for Christmas and I am now woefully behind because I left it at work over break. I am really enjoying it, however, and it is getting me thinking about what I want my life to look like and what is really important to me.

I grew up in Dallas and then moved to San Antonio for college. Then, it was off to Denver for grad school. I always considered myself a big city girl.  Then, I moved to Petaluma (population 54,000).  I love living in a smaller town.  I love being out in a rural area surrounded by chickens and cows. Who knew?

In Denver, I went clubbing with my girlfriends every week, read VOGUE and ELLE cover to cover and haunted the shopping malls trying to replicate the latest trends on a budget. My greatest dream then was to find a husband and travel the world.

Now, I am homebody who loves to craft and spends all her money on clothing her child rather than herself. My bedside table holds parenting magazines instead of fashion magazines and my greatest dream is to be debt-free.  I long to own my own home.  I used to dream of owning a big house right in the center of all the action. Now, I want a country house with a wraparound porch and plenty of room to garden. And maybe keep some chickens.

I used to read the lifestyle magazine of Denver, 5280 magazine, and think about how to design my living space in the trendiest way. Now, I pounce on COUNTRY LIVING magazine the minute it hits the mailbox and read it cover to cover.

That's a lot of change in six years.  Six years ago I wasn't even a wife much less a mother.  Except for the massive debt and being 40 pounds overweight, I'd say I'm a pretty happy and blessed lady.  And I'm going to keep working on those dreams.

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Heidi said...

Amy, this is a beautiful post. I love that you recognize life serves up things we don't order sometimes. How blessed we are when we can see our plans may not be God's plans, and His ways are always good plans. Rain? Come to Oregon to understand rain! LOL
Hugs, Heidi