Wednesday, March 2, 2011

**CLOSED** 12 Days of Easter Swap

**UPDATE**  The swap is moving forward with 8 people. I'll be mailing out information soon!

A few years ago, I participated in a 10 Days of Easter swap.  There were 10 people in the swap. Each of us made ten of the same item and sent it in to the swap organizer.  Each item was individually wrapped. The swap organizer put one of each item from each swapper into a large box and sent the boxes out. When your box arrived, you received 10 little packages to open for the ten days prior to Easter. I got the most amazing Easter stuff and I love getting it out every year! It was so fun to have something to open each day!  I was amazed by the creativity.

I love Easter and I'm thinking about doing a 12 Days of Easter swap. So, I need 11 participants.  You would need to make 12 copies of one item. (that includes one for yourself!)  In return, you would receive 11 wrapped items to open each day before Easter starting on April 13.  All types of crafters/artists are welcome. If you are sewer, you could do a little Easter half apron or a table runner. If you work with metal, how about a soldered charm to wear?  Paper crafters could do collages or decoupaged eggs.  One person sent me a papier-mache bunny that she made using a vintage chocolate mold. There are so many great ideas!!!

Here are the rules:

1. You need to agree to make 12 items and have them to me by April 6.  The items should be small enough that I can fit them in a large flat rate priority mailing box.  So nothing too big!!!

2. Please send $10 to cover the postage for the box I return to you.

3. I would prefer it if you have a blog so we can share all the goodies we get with others.

4. Gifts should be handmade original art and should be Spring, bunny, chicken or Easter-themed. Although I am a very religous person, this will be a non-religious swap.

5. Items should be individually gift-wrapped and marked with the number that I will assign you.

I will ship the boxes to you so that you can start opening your gifts starting on April 13 and ending on Easter Sunday.

This will only work if we get 11 participants.  Sign-ups start today.  E-mail me at

Last day to sign up will be March 11.


Michelle said...

I would love to join you. I am going to email you now. This sounds like fun!!!!

HippieDog said...

Hi doll......what a cute idea :) Sounds like so much fun! If i can swing it I'll let you know by the due date. Have a great weekend! xoxo

WW said...

This sounds like soo much fun, and I already have something in mind.
Please sign me up.
Wendy W

Anonymous said...

Hi...i'd love to join this swap. i'll email you with my info.
p.s. i hopped over and read your 100+ things about you...interesting =)