Friday, April 6, 2012


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I am off work today because my husband is having surgery.  He has had chronic pain in his upper back for about six months now and his right arm is always numb.  We are hoping this surgery to fuse two vertebrae will give him some relief.  I know everything will be fine but it is still nerve-wracking.  I couldn't sleep last night.   Thank goodness for the wireless internet in the waiting room or I would be climbing the walls.  It was blissfully quiet here for the last two hours but another woman just came in with me and disturbed my solitude by turning the tv on VERY LOUD. 

Thank goodness I have you all to keep me company. 


Shelly said...

Thinking of you and your hubby. Hope all is well.

The Editor said...

I hope it went well. Is he finding any relief?