Monday, April 9, 2012

What I've Been Doing

Some of you heard about how I attended a Mad Hatter's Tea Party a few weeks ago. I was trying to decide on what kind of hat to wear.  All of you encouraged me to go "whimsical." 

Here I am in my patriotic pinwheel hat:

I am woefully behind on my ART OF WILD ABANDONMENT class but here are some of my sketches.  I am not an artist but it is fun to try my hand at sketching.  The first assignment was to do your family portrait as owls. I love owls but I love bluebirds even more so this is my interpretation:

Our next assignment was to sketch cupcakes.  I don't really like sketching cupcakes but I tried.  I made mine into a flower bouquet:

I need to do some sewing but I have to dig my way into my workroom again before I do anything.  Just when I think I have made progress, I find more boxes of craft items in the garage that need to be sorted and unpacked.  So, the workroom is filled with boxes again. Sigh. 

My husband is doing much better. I'm staying home with him one last day until I'm sure he can get around on his own. It will be a long haul but hopefully he'll feel much better soon.


Shelly said...

YAY for whimsy!!!! :) So adorable! Love the sketches and how you made them your own, and really glad hubby is doing well too!

Nikella said...

Glad your husband is feeling better.
And your bluebirds are very, very cute!

Amy said...

Thank you, friends!!! It is always nerve-wracking to share your work but I'm glad I'm giving it a shot!!!


Megancita said...

Love the hat and glad your husband is feeling better.