Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Warning: This Video May Cause Smiling

I'm feeling a bit blue this week. I'm just tired and depressed and we are preparing for my husband to have some surgery this Friday. Some days it's just hard to rally.

My husband finally downloaded all the videos from our video camera on Monday. We bought it a few months before Noodlebug was born and it was so fun to go back through all the videos and see how much he has grown. And how much our lives have changed. It was wonderful to watch the videos but it made me a bit melancholy at how quickly time passes. I sometimes wish I could shrink Noodlebug back down into his 1.5 yr old self.

Speaking of which...

I found my favorite video of Noodlebug playing with our cat Toulouse when he was about 14 months old. It is guaranteed to make you smile. Make sure you have the sound on.

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