Monday, June 25, 2012

Fair Entries 2012

I am adamant every year that the whole family enter something in our two local fairs. First of all, we get discounted (or free) tickets for doing so. Second of all, I think it is important to take pride in your work and share it with others. I LOVE seeing what creative and wonderful things my neighbors have done. I get so much inspiration at the Fair!!!
My husband entered a photograph and got 5th place:

My mother entered this wonderful wreath and got 1st place!:

Noodlebug entered this watercolor and got 1st place:

He also colored a coloring page.  He worked on it for two weeks.  He didn't really care for all the detail work involved. I'm calling it "Inspired by Picasso."  He got 2nd place:

I submitted one of the works I created in one of Shelly Massey's wonderful classes that I took last year at ART IS YOU. I got 2nd place:

I really debated about submitting my work.  The work is mine and the idea and theme are mine but the construction idea was all Shelly's.  I would never ever want to pass off someone else's idea or work as my own.  I decided the best thing to do would be to contact Shelly. So, I want you all to know I asked her permission and she gave it.  I am so bummed Shelly won't be teaching at this year's West Coast ART IS YOU.   She is such a great teacher and I loved her classes so much!!!  I am going to submit the other piece that I did in one of Shelly's classes to next month's Fair. 

Noodlebug also competed in his very first Pedal Tractor Pull race.  It was so fun to see his enthusiasm!!!  I just love our little Fair!  Stay tuned for the results from next month's Fair!


Shelly said...

All of you entering projects into the fair is an awesome idea. So happy you all won! :)

Auntie Bliss said...

A pedal tractor race! If that's not the cutest thing!
I used to enter every year and also encouraged everybody else to. It really excited my mother in law who got Grand Champion on her pound cake and fifteen dollars. She thought she was a hot shot!!
I love your husbands trees...we live on a tree farm :)