Monday, June 4, 2012

Help Me Save Evy's Tree!

I buy A LOT of handmade items.  Especially from Etsy. I love supporting other artists, artisans and craftsmakers to live their dream while indulging in my habit of buying handmade goods. So many wonderful moms are able to stay-at-home thanks to these types of businesses. 

I first heard about Evy's Tree through the auction to support Ashley of Little Blue Boo.  I love it when bloggers come together to help other bloggers. Amy of Evy's Tree was a big part of this auction.  When I saw the fabulous embellished hoodies that she creates, I had to have one.

I love the Fourth of July. My wedding anniversary is on July 3 and I always make sure the whole family goes to see the fireworks. Even though we have to bundle up to watch them here in Sonoma County. I thought this hoodie would be perfect for fireworks watching:

I get LOTS of compliments every time I wear it.  The comfort of a hoodie with lots of fun style and pizzazz.  I was hooked. I have since purchase two more Brillas. I watch Evy's Tree on Facebook like a hawk in the hope that Amy posts some discounted hoodies that I can snap up! Just when I found this new clothing addiction, Evy's Tree closed!!!

Amy is really struggling.  The change in Facebook's policies have GREATLY affected her sales.  She is looking at having to close her shop PERMANENTLY unless she can raise the money to outsource to a manufacturer. In order to do this, she is selling off all her stock.   She has 30 days to sell 1500 pieces in order to raise the money she needs to keep Evy's Tree open.  Amy will reopen the shop this week with two categories: Preorder and Limited Edition. Both categories will sell at cheaper retail than what they were listed at previously. 

If Amy's gamble works, every purchase made during these 30 days will receive a discount code for 50% off her manufactured goods when they arrive this fall.

Help me support a creative person whose passion enables her to stay home with her family while giving back to others.  I'll be there when the store reopens to buy hoodie #4!!!

Go here to shop!!!

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