Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I'm a Winner!!! (at least for today)

I am a huge fan of Lisa Leonard's jewelry.  She has just the right combination of sweetness and whimsy.  I have several of her pieces including my much beloved "Mommy" necklace.  I enter every single Lisa Leonard contest I can find online but I have never won one because everyone else loves her stuff too!

Well, I finally won today!

Lisa gave away her new "Love is My Anchor" necklace on her blog and I won! It hasn't even been released yet!

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Not only will this necklace be so nice for Summer but it makes me think of Mindy Gledhill's lovely song "Anchor." 

Times have been tough these past few years and they continue to be challenging. That's just the way life is.  I always have to remember that it isn't the good times that shape us but how we face the bad times.  When my little ship feels tossed about on stormy seas, it is my loved ones that anchor me back down.

Thank you, Lisa, for this wonderful necklace that will be my reminder about those who serve as my anchor each and every day.

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Lisa Leonard said...

You are so welcome Amy! I'm so glad that you won after trying so long and that this can be a sweet reminder to you in tough times!