Tuesday, May 29, 2012

My Knight

I always try to do a handmade Halloween costume for Noodlebug but sometimes I can't quite convince him to wear it.  Last year, I made him a Prince Philip costume from "Sleeping Beauty."  On Halloween night, he ended up wearing a store-bought Jack Skellington costume. Still, I figured we would get some use out of the prince costume by incorporating it into the dress-up trunk. 


This month's Kiwi Crate features crafts and activities based on Medieval times.  One of the activities was to make a knight helmet.  (or a princess hat)  We made the knight helmet for Noodlebug and he insisted on getting completely dressed up in his prince costume. I was the princess that he rescued from the dragon.  A good time was had by all!!!

(helmet by Kiwi Crate, tunic and belt by me from my own pattern, cape made using a pattern from GROWING UP SEW LIBERATED by Meg McElwee)

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