Friday, May 4, 2012

Birthday Blues

May is a busier time of year for me than the holidays!

So many important birthdays to recognize!!!
The birthday extravaganza kicks off with my dear friend Brandon's birthday on April 30.


Laura (friend and godmother to Noodlebug)--May 10
Vieve (college buddy)--May 12
Noodlebug--May 18
Andre' (friend and co-worker)--May 18
Brian (brother-in-law)--May 19
Mick (close friend/male bridesmaid)--May 23
ME--May 25
Kim (blogger and triathlete)--May 28

And that doesn't even include the May birthdays that AREN'T at the top of the list.  Plus, there is Mother's Day and end-of-year teacher gifts to do.

Two of those friends are having milestone birthdays this year that MUST be celebrated and recognized in a big way.

By the time my own birthday rolls around, I am exhausted. 

I have no excitement around my own birthday anymore.  The continuing burden of financial worry crushes any enthusiasm plus there is the fact that another year of (potential) fertility has come and gone. 

I kind of just want to skip the whole thing this year. I can't muster any enthusiasm for it.  Right now, I'm just focused on the production of Noodlebug's birthday party on May 12.  Hope I can pull it off!!!

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