Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Back to School with a Growing Boy!

My little guy started his new preschool. He is still in a Montessori school (love love love Montessori!)  but he is now with bigger kids ages 3-6. It has been a much tougher transition for me than him.  I loved his former preschool. His teachers were like family.  With only 12 students a day, he got a lot of personal attention. Plus, I know that both teachers had special affection for him.  Now, he is with 24 children a day.  He seems to love it, though!

I entered the above photo in Tea Collection's Little Citizen of the Month contest.  Not to sound like an ad but I really love Tea's clothing. Since my background is in anthropology, I love the fact that Tea gathers inspiration from other cultures for their clothing.  It's hard to find little boy clothes that doesn't have the typical designs of dinosaurs or trucks or superheroes, etc. 

If you are on Facebook, would you consider "liking" Tea Collection and voting for my little guy?  We would win $100 which would help buy new school clothes.  This little guy is growing too fast!  Currently he is 47 inches tall and 45 pounds and he just turned 4 in May! 

Here is the link!

Hope you are having a good day!

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