Friday, August 17, 2012

Kiwi Crate Fun

You've heard me talk about Kiwi Crates before.  This subscription service brings a fun educational craft experience right to your doorstep!  I especially love the fact that virtually everything you need is already included in the box.  No gathering of materials necessary!!!

Noodlebug always gets excited when he sees the green crate sitting on the doorstep.  When we opened yesterday's box, he knew right away what the theme was:  ROBOTS!!!

The activities don't take a long time to do so they are perfect for doing between preschool and dinner.  (or whenever I get home from work)

We did the first activity in the box which was to create and robot and then move your robot through a series of mazes.  Noodle took his robot-creation VERY seriously:

Once the robot was done, we named him Mr. Roboto.  We then took our magical magnetic wand and moved him through a series of mazes.

Maybe we'll do the second robot craft this weekend.  To get your own subscription to Kiwi Crate, go here.

(if you sign up using this link, I will get a credit and you will get a discount)

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Auntie Bliss said...

that is so cool!!!
I know he loved it.
Kept him busy for a few, too, right?