Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Action Pack: WATER

This year, ACTION PACK is exploring the elements.  The latest ACTION PACK is all about water.  Perfect for this time of year as the days get warmer.  I have been stockpiling ACTION PACK ezines (and ALPHABET GLUE ezines) for quite some time. They are terrific resources for activities for kids and I plan on using them all Summer long for ideas for things to do.  In ACTION PACK ezines, you can find ideas for arts and crafts, science experiments, adventure, cooking, and play. I'm looking forward to trying out the water rocket.

In this issue, you will find:

  1. :: Jo Newman  and her children make natural watercolour paints & salt from the sea
  2. :: Susan Schwake & her students show us some water colour techniques
  3. :: Vicki Smith makes paper mache bowls with her students
  4. :: Joanie Gorman and a bunch of kids make a fleet of boats & cork sailors
  5. :: Marcie Cuff and her daughter send a message in a bottle
  6. :: Kathreen Ricketson & family [that’s me] investigate ocean flotsam & jetsam, make some ephemeral beach collections & experiment with sea jellies
  7. :: Gina Vida and her children make two ice projects
  8. :: Helen Bird shows us a fun wet felted project
  9. :: Natalie Kramer  experiments with water tension four different ways
  10. :: Jo Ebisujima and her son experiment with water density & quiz us on water usage
  11. :: Alex Kelly and her kids go fishing & learn a lot about fish while using a Japanese printing technique
  12. :: Melissa Wastney bakes water crackers 
  13. :: Lucy Hordern and her daughter create a water bottle rainbow 
  14. :: Dawn & Wesley Smith make a water rocket 
  15. :: and Jackie Boucher has designed a water themed word search & colouring page

Find all these projects and more in the ezine for only $6.00.  While you are there, check out the back issues including the PRESCHOOL COMPILATION ISSUE filled with preschool projects from the first two years of ACTION PACK.  60 pages of projects for $10.00. After purchase, you will receive a link to the PDF of the ezines.  Go here to buy your own copies!!!

(I love ACTION PACK so much that I am now an affiliate)

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