Monday, July 27, 2015

Why I Love Evy's Tree

(This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own and 
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In January 2012, like many others, I was closely following Ashley Hackshaw's cancer journey. Ashley is such a creative spirit and I had received so much inspiration from her blog. I prayed for her and marveled at her strength in the face of such extreme adversity. It is a testament to Ashley's impact on the blogging world that so many bloggers and shop owners came together to create a special auction that would benefit Ashley and her family.  Leading the charge was Amy Miraflor of Evy's Tree.

I had never heard of Evy's Tree before but was immediately charmed by Amy's embellished hoodies. I loved that she had developed this cottage industry out of her home. I didn't win one of Amy's hoodies but I did become a customer.

(Vintage Brilla)
In 2013, Amy decided to grow her business and launched a manufactured line. It was about this time that I FINALLY realized that Evy's Tree was in my own backyard!!! I kept buying hoodies and anxiously awaited the day when Evy's Tree would expand enough to open a storefront in Sonoma County.  That finally happened during the last year.

So, why do I love these hoodies so much?  I am a plus-size girl. It can be very very hard to feel good in anything when you are plus-size. Every time I admire clothing on FB or IG, I will invariably discover that it does not come in my size. I can't even do Stitch Fix which so many of my friends are crazy about. My size isn't available. So, when I find something that makes me feel good when I wear it, it's a BIG DEAL!  I love that Evy's Tree offers XS through 2X. (or 0/2 through 20/22).  Another problem that many women have with online and catalog orders is that it is hard to know how something will fit if you aren't the size of the model wearing the clothes. Evy's Tree is so great about having all their lovely employees model their hoodies. Fans of ET tend to have their favorite "fit model" that they always look for on FB and IG.  (I love Nicole and Harmony)  Seeing these hoodies on women of all shapes and sizes is not only inspiring but very helpful in ordering!

I also love how the company is supportive of families. They seem to take care of their employees. When I visit the showroom, I am always impressed with how kind everyone is. Every employee that walks through introduces himself or herself to me and makes me feel welcome. That is pretty darn special!

The hoodies are pricey. They are considered a luxury brand with lots of wonderful little details. I can't always buy them when they come out. But I watch for sales like a hawk! The team releases 2-4 hoodies per month. The brand has quite the cult following that has even inspired FB groups like "Evy's Tree Styling, Resale, Chat."

Here are some of my favorite Evy's Tree moments.  I am 5'7" and wear a size 16.

(Ashley Stripe in XL)

(Blush Diana in XL)

(Sea Glass Reece in XL...although I will be sizing up to 1X if I get another one of these)

(Josie Tunic in Vintage Grey in XL)

(Here I am in the ET Showroom wearing the new Lisa Golden in Large)
(Cognac Brilla in 1X)
(Addyson--unbelted--in XL)

(Christie in Mauve in size 2X--Slightly too big but definitely size up unless you want it super-fitted)

(Side view of Christie--a size 1X would have been perfect)

(Sienna Ashley in size XL worn with Grace and Lace extender)

The hoodies allow me to be comfortable and casual while also being slightly more dressy and put together.  Plus, they layer so nicely!!!

Recently, Evy's Tree realized the need for a rewards program. If only I had had that two years ago!  This referral link will get you 10% off your first purchase. From time to time, I will post photos of me wearing new releases just because I like to drop by the showroom!

It is always great to be able to support a wonderful company filled with wonderful people!

For the most up to date info on Evy's tree, follow them on Instagram @evystreeofficial or on Facebook.  If you live in Sonoma County, I HIGHLY recommend you follow @evystreeshowroom.


Amy said...

Amy you are so sweet!! We love having you and this is such a great post! Thank you for sharing your love and support. Big hugs to you friend! Xo

Amy Malaise said...

And to you!!!! :)

Melissa Bridgeman said...

I have put in a request to join the resale group on FB but to no avail I am seriously thinking of starting my own lol.

Melissa Bridgeman said...

I have put in a request to join the resale group on FB but to no avail I am seriously thinking of starting my own lol.