Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Art Doll Hat Swap Wrap-Up

Hello Ladies! Well, this is it! Please mail out your hats by the end of the week to your partners! I have been so excited to see the amazing hats on Flickr and on your blogs. (yes, I visit each of your blogs every day!) You are all so creative and wonderful!

Now, for the icky part...if I find out that you have not fulfilled your swap commitment, you will not be allowed to participate in future swaps. If you think you are going to be late in sending out your hat, please let your partner know. It really stinks to work hard on a swap and then have your partner drop the ball. So, please FULFILL YOUR COMMITMENT!

I will be hosting another swap in early October. Just to get your minds will be a trick-or-treat container swap. Because adults should get to trick-or-treat too! Here is the chance to fill the container of your choice with five trick-or-treat items for your partner. At least one item must be crafty and at least one item must be candy/chocolate. So, be thinking and hopefully I'll see you again in October!

Thanks everybody!


Sarah B. B. said...

Ohhh, Halloween is right up there in my "fun decorating" world! Excellent idea for a swap, Amy! I finally managed to post the Summer Swap pictures on my blog - sorry it took so long!

Malady said...

No problem, Sarah! I hope you liked your stuff! And I hope I see you in the Trick or Treat swap!