Monday, August 13, 2007

Nice Matters

What a wonderful way to start my week! Karen over at BlueMuf's Corner nominated me for a Nice Matters Award! Now, this is the kind of award that really means something to me. I really believe in the "power of nice" and I think it's great that Genevieve over at Bella-Enchanted decided to create this award. Isn't it a wonderful thing to tell people that you appreciate them?

It is hard to pick just seven people because you are all so wonderful! Okay, I'm going to give it a shot!

1. Genevieve over at Princess Genevieve

2. Gary at Rabbit Fence

3. Michelle at Hippie Dog

4. Natasha Burns at her eponymous blog

5. Sarah at Experiment Land

6. Kim over at Calamity Kim

7. Beth over at her eponymous blog

Thank you for all being so sweet!!!

Now, slap this award on your blog and go share the love with seven other nominees!


Natasha Burns said...

Oh thank you so much Amy!!! I must admit I had to look up what eponymous means!!! LOL!

Gary said...

Thank you, Malady! What a great way to start the week. And to be the only guy on the list - I'm doubly honored.

HippieDog said...

Oh wow thank you Amy!! I am honored :) You're just a doll!!

Elizabeth Holcombe said...

Thanks so so MUCH Amy! What an honor! You're a total sweetheart! XXOO1 Beth

Sarah B. B. said...

Wowie! You're too sweet. Thank you, Amy! What a precious thing to do. (Sorry I'm a day behind...)