Thursday, August 23, 2007

Black Cat/Pumpkin Swap!

I just signed up for the Black Cat Pumpkin Swap over at Hop Hop Jingle Boo! She has sign-ups open until September 1. I just can't resist a Halloween-themed swap! Still finishing up my Vintage Kitchen Swap package. I ordered an item that I am waiting on. Swaps are just too much fun!!!!


HippieDog said...

Welcome back darl'in!! I still haven't sent my Vintage Kitchen items either. I think the hardest part is packaging them up real perdy! Although, it's my favorite part too :) Hope your vacaction was wonderful! Missed you! xo

Malady said...

Thanks Hippie! I missed checking in on your blog! I'm still contemplating packaging too. That is an area I need to improve on because everyone else always has the cutest packaging!!!

Sarah B. B. said...

Oh, so tempting, but I just signed up for a children's book swap, and I'm *patiently* waiting for your trick or treat swap... I will exercise some self-control, for once. Glad you weren't swept away over the weekend. :)

bluemuf said...

Doesn't that swap look like fun.
I signed up as well. Hope you had a nice vacation.


Christy said...

That does sound fun.

I thought about you the other night. I was gearing up for a full night of crafting when my electricity went out for a couple of hours. I was not going to let that be a problem so I lit about 15 candles and put them in my craft room but when I got them all situated it ended up being very the crafting idea ended.

Malady said...

Hi Sarah! Let me know how the children's book swap goes. That sounds like a lot of fun!!!

Bluemuf--Thanks! I had a nice vacation. Good to be back to blogging, though.

Christy--That is so great! You know you are a dedicated crafter when you don't let a little thing like a power outage stop you. Hope you made some fabulous things!!!