Wednesday, September 12, 2007

A Few of My Favorite Things

This meme is going around blogland right now so I thought I'd join in!

Perfume: VERA WANG

Sound: Thunder and Rain

Late Night Snack: Cheese

Smell(s): fresh tomatoes, roses, Fall air and (okay this is weird but true) the way my cat smells

Color Combos: Black and white, green and pink, bold primary colors together

Nut: Myself! (and pecans)

Time of Year: Autumn

Books: Can't narrow it down very easily but I love modern literature and cosy mysteries

Female Actress: Kate Winslet and Angelina Jolie

Flower: Yellow Roses, Daffodils, Tulips

Vacation Spot: Italy

Pizza: Olives, Artichoke hearts and Sundried tomatoes

Subject in School: English

TV Channel: Bravo and HBO

Radio Station: Mix 104.9 Santa Rosa

Holiday: Halloween and Christmas

Shoes: Oh how can I choose? Right now, I'm having a love affair with my yellow Prada platform sandals.

Candy: anything peanut butter and chocolate

City to Shop: Dallas

Beauty Product: lots of moisturizer and sunscreen

Items to Shop For: gifts for friends and crafting/thrifty supplies


bluemuf said...

What fun reading your blog today. With a list of your favourite things, All the beautiful goodies, a craft link, plus a swap link and a fun questionaire. It couldn't get any better. Great posts


Malady said...

Thanks Karen! I had lots to report today! Hope you are having a good day too!


Sallie - AKA *Sparky* said...

The way your cat smells??? LOL LOL!
Hi! I'm not in the SJ art class. Maybe I could drop by and see what's going on. Sooo cool you are coming! I'll be watching for what you post afterwards! Just have a blast! Sallie

Malady said...

I know Sallie! it's really weird. But I just love cuddling with my cat and burying my face in his fur. Gives me a warm cozy feeling. Especially when he purrs! What can I say? Cat lovers are weird.

Maybe I'll see you in SJ! Wouldn't that be fun?!

HippieDog said...

Oh I love the way Maggie smells too!! My dog....I love to smell her paws---they smell like fresh dirt and grass!! LOL---xo

Malady said...

Thanks for validating me, Hippie gal!