Saturday, September 8, 2007

Getting My Craft On!

Hello artsy craftsy friends!

Thanks for all your advice on getting me out of my creative rut. I think sometimes we just need a break to get inspired again! I think Miss Vickie had the right idea. I went downtown today to walk around and saw lots of store windows filled with Halloween stuff. My favorite store was filled with it! And I got completely inspired! One of my favorite things was one of those wood boxes you can get at Michael's that was painted and when you opened it there was a little Halloween tableau inside. What a great idea! They were charging $58 for each one. I may not be able to do one as great as the ones I saw but I'm gonna try. In the meantime, I grabbed one of my small canvases and made this little witch decoration.

This is what the sides look like:

It's not quite finished and it's not quite perfect but I think it's pretty good for a first effort!


Gary said...

It's adorable. It's fun, has some spice, and looks well made. Looks like you're back in the groove!

Sarah B. B. said...

Precious - I love her. I'd say you're back in business, lady. :)

bluemuf said...

I love it. Way to go, the box is so neat.


Malady said...

Y'all are so sweet!! Thank you!

Karen--I have FINALLY put a link to your blog in my sidebar. Sorry it took me so long!