Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Halloween and Vine

My friend Charles is a local artist here in the Bay Area. He has done exquisitely detailed art dolls for years and now he is branching out into some smaller items. Charles will be exhibiting in the upcoming Halloween and Vine show and I'll be helping him out. I can hardly wait! An art show limited to Halloween items?! Hello!! Sign me up!!!

I hope to post some photos later with Charles' permission. You won't believe how wonderful his stuff is. In the meantime, here is some basic info on him. Charles' talent is so diverse, he even created my wedding veil for me last year! See photo below. He used pieces of my mother's wedding dress to create it. Pretty special, huh?

Next week, I will post more photos of Charles' work for you to see!


Gary said...

That is some cool stuff. And what a great opportunity for you! I look forward to hearing more about how the exhibit develops.

I didn't know your wedding veil had been custom made. It's beautiful. That's one of my favorite pictures from your wedding.

Malady said...

Hey, thanks Gary!

I knew I wouldn't be able to fit into my mom's wedding dress when I was about 11. It was pretty clear I was going to be much much bigger than her. So, she disassembled her dress and we decided to use the pieces to make the veil. Charles also made a matching handbag lined in blue satin. So cute!!!

Gary said...

What a great idea! Being able to incorporate your mom's dress and having Charles make the veil surely added a lot of meaning to your experience. The handbag was quite a bonus!

Vallen said...

I will look for you. I'll be there woth my daughter. Whoo-hooo.

Malady said...

Oh Vallen!!! I'm so excited that I might get to meet you in person! The Queen herself!!! I will be there early in the day so please stop by and introduce yourself.