Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Picking Your Brains!

Hello everyone!
I am back from my conference. It was a really great but very challenging for me physically. Let's just say, those little bags in the airline seatback pockets really came in handy.

I have decided to scale back on my swap participation. It is going to be increasingly hard for me to keep up with everything. I'm going to finish up my Sweet Goodness Sister Swap and then I'll take a break for awhile. (although it is really hard for me to resist a cute swap!)

I want to concentrate my efforts on making some handmade things for my baby. I really believe in the "Buy Handmade" movement. Several of my friends are currently pregnant as well and I'd love to make handmade gifts for them. I'm going to get back into knitting for one thing. But I need your help for ideas for other baby-related items to make. Since I will be a first-time mom, I am looking for lots of tips and advice! So, be sure to leave lots of comments for me over the next six months. In the meantime, if you have some good artsy-craftsy ideas for me to make for my baby and other babies, let me know. I don't have a sewing machine right now but I'm hoping that Santa will bring me one.

In the meantime, I am working on my Sweet Goodness package for Cheryl. That should keep me busy!


Purl said...

I'll look through my patterns. I wish we were closer--I have lots of fun pattern books for babies. But I'd be happy to send you a few.

Amy said...

Hi Purl! I could definitely use pattern recommendations! Especially ones that you have tried and liked. I am currently trying to knit a bunch of Kate Gilbert bunnies. I really like the pattern but it takes some concentration on my part!!!


HippieDog said...

Hope you will start feeling better soon! I agree, take in each moment with this little precious one....being pregnant is so beautiful!! I gained 70 pounds with Jake and had a shelf on the back of my A** but hey! I lost it....so no worries! I guess I can't pose for Playboy now but that's ok! LOL LOL Just kidding!! Yikes! My mother in law sent Jake lots of knitted booties, a sweater and hat....so these are my favorites! Wish I could knit...or crochet for that matter....I'm going to start too! Oh and there is this really cute journal you can buy at Target....you can take notes on each day to day experience with your pregnancy...it's so cute.....I highly recommend it! It tells you each day what you'll feel like (honestly) and what the baby is doing....Sorry this is so long....xoxoxo

Amy said...

Oh, thanks Michelle! I will look for that book! I already have a pattern for knitted booties that I am looking forward to trying! Now, I just need to sit down and do it! I will be looking to veteran moms like you for advice!!!


michelle said...

I love the scallped blanket idea in Amy Karol break-the-rules sewing book. I haven't tried it yet but i have a couple of pregnant friends I want to make it for. And if you are making blankets I recommend large receiving type blankets. I made quilts for my first and just didn't use them that much, they were too thick to swaddle with. Feel better!

Mary Isabella said...

I know that you will have a lot of fun crafting for the baby. Blessings Mary

Amy said...

Thank you Mary! I'm looking forward to it!!!


Laume said...

Baby things huh. Let's see.... of course you can knit things. What you'll get the most wear out of though is practical things. Receiving blankets can be homemade - I made a bunch for my grandkids. Also you can make your own diapers and diaper covers. Wash cloths. I really used my diaper holder - it hung on the wall and I used it to store diaper covers actually. If you're going to nurse, you'll need lots of nice little pillows (or one of those big bendy ones) to stuff in around and under your arms when the baby is little and position is everything. Hats. And a mobile, that would be fun to make. Of course a quilt either for the baby or for the wall, in bright colors that babies love.

Amy said...

Thanks Laume! I think the diaper-related stuff are great ideas!!!