Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Sis Boom Magic!

Photo borrowed from Sis Boom Daydreams

I just saw this quilt made by Marsha Moore over at Sis Boom Daydreams. I just think it is wonderful! I love love love Sis Boom stuff and I'm bummed that their shop is so far away!!! They just have too many things that would brighten my home.

I was thinking that a crib-size version of this quilt would be especially wonderful. If I have a girl, I would love to do a Sis Boom-inspired nursery. Maybe I can get my mom to sew the crib bedding since I don't have a sewing machine yet! Of course, it could be a boy so I will have to come up with a Plan B just in case. But wouldn't a Sis Boom nursery be delightful?!

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Jennifer Paganelli said...

Thank you so so so much...thank God for the stats on Typepad or I never would have known..so glad you like our things and we are trying so hard to bring you even more say prayers that 2008 is a Sis Boom year...
all my best, Jennifer