Monday, July 20, 2009

Meet Ellen

I would like you to meet my swap partner Ellen from Big Red EP. Ellen is a red-headed photography buff and she is my partner for the Favorite Things Swap. I started working on her package this past weekend and I'm trying to find little things I think she would like. It's really fun. It has been so long since I have participated in a swap!!!

I had a nice weekend with the family. Tried to catch up on housecleaning and I even managed to see Harry Potter 6 which was great! There never seems to be enough time to get it all done. I have to admit I have let housecleaning slip since Noodlebug was born. Along with other things like exercise. However, I have decided not to feel guilty. At the end of my life, will I regret that my house wasn't cleaner or that I wasn't a size 6 or that I didn't spend enough time with Noodlebug. I know which one I'm gonna choose.


Gary said...

Good for you! I admire your new outlook on prioritization.

The swap sounds like fun!

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

You are so wise! Dishes can wait there are books to be read. Dusting put on hold their are giggles and tickles, hugs and kisses. have a great week my friend...m.

Alison Gibbs said...

And the winner is Noodlebug!!!
He is one lucky little man

Amy said...

thank you, friends!!!!