Monday, July 6, 2009

Unexpected Surprise!

I had a rough day today. I spent the last four blissful days with my family enjoying time off and I returned to work today facing the ongoing budget crisis. I went to work at 6:30am and didn't come home until 9pm. It was a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.

And then I came home and found a package waiting for me. From my wonderful and generous blogging friend Vallen. She made me a market bag!!!

And it is lined with cows!!!

Our little town is known for its cows and chickens. This bag is perfect for taking to the local farmer's market. I adore it. It made my day. And Toulouse approves:

Vallen and I don't live THAT far apart but we never seem to be able to connect in the real world. However, her blog has been one of my favorites for years and her generosity proves what I always say about creative bloggers---they are the greatest people around.

Thank you, Vallen. How did you know that was just what I needed?


Queenly Things said...

You know it's a funny thing but as I make them the bags just let me know where they want to go. Now isn't that a NorCal thing to say? Glad you like it and glad it oerked up your day. Hugs.

Gary said...

Wow, what a nice gift. I really like how Vallen personalized it with the cow theme.

It's funny how Toulouse always seems to plant himself somewhere in your craft-related shots.

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

She is a doll. I am so glad it came just when you needed it..m. said...

Bloggers have generous souls. Glad you were cheered up!