Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Main Fabric

I am so excited! I stopped by Joann's on the way home from work yesterday and picked some fabric for the rag quilt I hope to make Noodlebug this weekend. And I found this:

Isn't that cute?  It is so perfect because Noodlebug's room is in creamy yellow and soft green.  This fabric will be the main fabric and then I got some blue and red fabric for one coordinating pattern and then some green fabric with stars for the other coordinating fabric.  I hope it comes together!!!


Gary said...

I'm excited about your experiments with sewing. Sounds like a cool project. What a fun fabric!

HippieDog said...

How darling will this be? I haven't made a rag quilt for so long but you'll really love the experience--they are sooo fun! :) You just reminded me that I need to find a Curious George print and make Jakey a blanket....he's smitten with this fella....and the man in the yellow hat.

OHHHH and thank you for the darling (laughed my head off) picture of little noodle bug moustache man :) You two made my day!! Love you gobs! xoxo

Amy said...

Hippie--So glad you liked the card! I love making valentines but almost didn't get them done this year due to illness. I just sent a few to friends with children. But I will post that photo on this blog for Valentine's day.