Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Nine Months Until Halloween!

My husband missed the Sesame Street window. When it debuted back in 1969, he was too old for it.  I think that is so sad because Sesame Street has always been one of my favorite things. It was even part of my Master's project. We allow Noodlebug to watch about 15 minutes of Sesame Street every day before bedtime as part of our wind-down routine. Gary is getting educated about Sesame Street by watching it with Noodlebug. His favorite characters are the Aliens. A few days ago, he sent me this:

(This image comes from Craftser and was posted by faded_dress)

Now, Gary is determined that our little family dress as the Sesame Street aliens for Halloween. So, I guess I better start searching for this fabric.  There is a tutorial for these costumes at Instructables. Hope I can figure it out!!!

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Gary said...

I had forgotten about the aliens! They're cute. What a great idea for a costume. How fun that Gary is into it!