Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Art is...You Retreat

I have to admit I almost wet my pants when I saw this. I have wanted to do an art retreat for years now. I have dreams every year of attending Silver Bella but after adding in the cost of airfare and hotel...well....I just can't swing it.  Then, I saw there was going to be an Art Is... retreat on the West coast.  I followed the link and discovered that it is occurring in MY TOWN!!! No travel required!!!

I signed up for three different workshops and I am thrilled to pieces.  Sure, it doesn't really fit in the budget right now.  But I really need something like this.  My workshops will be taught by Shelly Massey, Kerin Gale & Charley Slaughter and Julie Haymaker.

Want to join me?  Go here for details.

I'm already scheming to get the Crafty Triathlete to go with me. If you live on the East coast, there will be a retreat there in October. But I'd love to see you here on the West coast!!!


Shelly said...

Hi Amy! I'm sooooo thrilled that you'll be taking my workshop! I'm so very grateful, so thanks for letting me know. We're going to have so much fun!! Which workshop did you sign up for?

Take care (and THANK YOU again!),

Heidi said...

wOW, yoU ARe ONe BLEsseD GIRl!
I just read about on Jenny's blog (Everyday is a Holiday)! She & Aaron are teaching in a class on the east coast. How COOL the west coast's event is IN YOUR TOWN!
hugs, Heidi

Nikella said...

Sometimes things just work out perfectly!