Monday, January 24, 2011

I'm Impatient

One of my flaws....and it's a big impatience. I am just not a patient person. Especially when it comes to giving gifts. My mom and I are native Texans and still consider ourselves so even though we live in Northern California now.  My mom is an avid collector of suns.  Especially Mexican pottery sun faces.  I found the perfect birthday gift for her on Etsy. (not a big surprise---I am such an Etsy addict!)  I knew this Enid Collins bag would be perfect for her:

It is a delightful vintage piece in great condition. It evens dates to 1967 which is the year my parents got married.  I was so excited when it arrived that I knew I couldn't wait until March to give it to her. So, I gave it to her yesterday.  She hadn't even taken it out of the gift bag when she said, "You got me a Collins bag?!!!"  She knew right away what it was. Now, she has a lovely collectible Enid Collins of Texas bag from her anniversary year with one of her favorite things on the front. 

Now, what will I give her for her birthday?

(I highly recommend the Etsy vendor I bought this from.....Lefty Lou Vintage....excellent service and extremely well packaged)


Katie said...

HI! I found you through the Mommy Bloggers club and I love your blog! It's nice to find one that doesn't seem like they're just trying to sell me something ;) I'm going to add you to my links on my blog - I think my friends/family would love your page!

Amy said...

Thank you Katie!!! What wonderful praise! Please send me your blog information so I can return the favor!


Katie said...

absolutely! Oh, and I love the dress in the above post - it's super cute!! my blog is at :) I checked out your book review blog as well - it's fabulous! I love hearing what other people think about books, especially those that I am reading/have read :) Have a great evening!