Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Action Pack 6--Zap and Zest!

A bright spot in my otherwise gloomy week---the arrival of the new Whip Up Action Pack!  This issue centers around the theme of Zap + Zest!

Zap refers to electricity and battery experiments, poppers and fizzing reactions too, while Zest is focused on citrus fruits – mainly lemon! Lots of projects to keep you busy no matter what the season. Lots of science, cooking and some art and craft too!

This particular issue has a couple of projects suitable to the little ones too – try some Lemon stamping, Static electricity experiments (yes the little ones will love these), how about some lemon boats and making a vinegar volcano too! So excited to find some fun things to do with Noodlebug!

Buy your copy here!!! I'm going to get my own right now!

This is a printable downloadable emagazine – with no advertising and only $6 for 60 pages of science, creativity & cooking. It's a DOUBLE ISSUE extravaganza!

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